Elise Vincent is a visual artist who lives and works in the Paris region (France). Born in Normandy in 1990, it was while watching Time of the Gypsies by Emir Kusturica that she was struck by the beauty of the image and the range of possibilities it offers. She started digital photography in 2006 playing with sepia and negative options.

Alongside her film studies at university, her plastic research took shape in 2010, when she turned to digital retouching. She transforms banal real elements to bring out their intrinsic poetry. From then on, her work was essentially based on abstraction with a play on saturation and contrasts and gradually showed a certain pictoriality. She exhibited for the first time in 2011.

In 2019, three solo exhibitions bring out the importance of narrative and imagination in her work, in particular in her series, both in the creation and in the reception of the works. Wishing to go further in the act of creation, she then mixes photographs in digital collages and soon turns to ink and acrylic painting.

Today, through digital photography and painting, she explores the oneirism that underlies reality and is interested in the narrative and representation that images suggest, thus questioning the ambivalent relationship of interdependence between imagination and reality. She is mainly inspired by nature and fiction. In her predominantly abstract works, which are generally colorful, she gives an important place to contrast and lines, which delimit as much as they highlight. The line, sometimes almost organic in appearance, moves in roots like an anchor between the reality and the imaginary, continues or stops like the thread of a story.

Currently in a phase of experimentation, her work is evolving towards mixed medias and a desire to move towards more interaction with the public.

Master's degree
Art capital, 2020

Solo exhibitions

Collective exhibitions



Œuvres © Elise Vincent, ADAGP, Paris, 2023
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